Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ambazonia: Dion Ngute tracks the furrow of Biya's dialogue

After a resounding success a few days earlier in the northwestern region, the Prime Minister, head of government, resumed his pilgrim's baton to preach the message of reconciliation and forgiveness to the people of the Southwest region.

In public and restricted meetings, Joseph Dion Ngute has touched the hearts of an audience. In Buea, Limbe and Kumba, the PM, in peace dove, has exchanged with the people who have in unison rejected the slogans of "dead cities" that have paralyzed activities since 2016.

The caravan of the PM had to realize the throes of violence in several localities now deserted. In a frank and convincing style, the leader of Barombi became Prime Minister, asked citizens not to adhere to the irresponsible slogans that mortgage the future of young people.

At all stages, mobilization and jubilation were at the rendezvous.

Surrender of 23 secessionists

The sample seems derisory, but heavy in symbol of seeing 23 fighters lay down their arms following the Prime Minister's catchy speech.

But like those of Bamenda who continue by mourning the families, some secessionists of the Southwest who were illustrated by kidnappings, fires, assassinations in Fontem, Alou, Muyuka, Ekona, Mutenguene, Ekondo-Titi, Mamfe, Kumba and others decided to end the fury and join the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration center to serve the motherland.

A decisive step towards the long march for peace called by all the forces of life. As a result, the languages ​​are loosened by predicting good augurs for the famous inclusive republican dialogue, leading to the return to general peace in the two regions Crisogene.

Source: The Zenith N ° 260