Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A young Cameroonian murdered in Ivory Coast: The alleged murderer would be his spouse and compatriot

Kossodehou Christelle, a 34-year-old girl from Cameroon, was murdered by her compatriot Tchitcha Pierre Roland during a domestic dispute.

Anoumabo was boiling on Easter Eve. And for good reason. On the night of Saturday, April 20, 2019, around 2am, at the time of the resurrection of Christ, Kossedouhou Christelle, a Cameroonian 34 years old, single and mother of a girl of 3 years, left the world of the living. By the fault of his compatriot and spouse, Tchitcha Pierre Roland, a recidivist sentenced to 14 months in prison for "crime of burglary in a parked vehicle".

According to our sources, the alleged murderer maintains that everything started from a domestic dispute, around 2am, in their household where Kossedohou Christelle was killed. After his crime, he lugged the lifeless body of the victim in the corridor of the common courtyard of 14 gates. The same sources report that the body was covered with a loincloth, lying in a pool of blood, with open wounds on both arms, a fracture in the neck. The alleged criminal used two bars of concrete to make the irreparable.

After his crime, he was caught by the onlookers who lynched him, putting him to death. Alerted, the elements of the 26th police district promptly went to the scene. Once there, the police tried to root out the criminal from the hands of onlookers. Evil took them. They, in turn, were attacked. They had to seek the support of the CCDO, which helped them extract the alleged criminal from the clutches of angry people.

Very badly, Tchitcha Pierre Roland was taken to the emergency room of the University Hospital of Treichville where he was treated. His life is no longer in danger, he was brought back this Sunday, April 21, 2019, the police station of the 26th district. While waiting to be taken to the Criminal Police Directorate (CPD) for further investigation, the respondent does not even want to answer the questions.

Sources : linfundrome