Monday, May 13, 2019

A Cameroonian is elected in the regional elections of Europe

Dr. Colette Njomgang Fonkeu is counting on his previous achievements and his electoral program to get Belgians to vote for her on May 26th.

Councilor for Education, Sport and Culture in the municipality of Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium, Dr. Colette Njomgang, candidate for the election of regional deputies for Brussels is ranked 30th on the list of the Socialist Party.

This deputy mayor since 2012, decided to make a leap when it is barely fifteen years since she entered the political world. She wishes to be part of the 21 MEPs who will be the Belgian representatives of the European Parliament.

Far from being a personal ambition, the one described as a "politician who does not play politics" is carried by the inhabitants of her commune. The latter were marked by his great heart, his dynamism at work and his passion to help others.

Ophthalmologist trained at the Catholic University of Louvain, Dr. Colette Njomgang during his six years in the municipality of Etterbeek, accompanied and initiated several social projects and charities. In the aldermen of health, she sets up a project of eyewear for people precarious. The idea is to recover the frames in good condition and recycle them for free distribution to the needy.

An initiative that both fights poverty and protects the environment. In the context of culture, she has set up an Etterbeek artists' career which, above and beyond access to culture or the showcase for artists, allows above all social cohesion.

It creates a lasting bond between people who meet to share their culture or passion for art. In her fight against racism, she takes advantage of her position as president of the Senghor cultural center, to initiate this year, "the year of Africa".

Here it is a question of studying all projects that focus on Africa and put them forward to support the realization. The goal is to enable young people born in Belgium and those of immigrant origin to be able to identify and take a new look at Africa and its wealth. The list of Dr. Njomgang's books is far from exhaustive.At 54, wife Fonkeu is one of the twenty most influential women of African descent in Belgium.

Mother of three children, she is the first Cameroonian elected to the alderman of Etterbeek and already the 4th Cameroonian in Belgium after Christian Ngongang Wandji re-elected to Marche en Famene for a second consecutive term, Alain Eyenga elected once in Charleroi in 2006, and most recently, in the commune of Beaumont, Firmin Ndongo. His accession to the deputation will enable him to better fight against the phenomenon of homelessness, discrimination, racism, lack of education and medical care, inequalities and social injustice.

Source: The News N ° 007