Friday, April 12, 2019

Yaoundé II: strange scene in the deputy Paul Eric Djomgoué cabinet

It was a day of work like no other yesterday morning at the Parliamentary Cabinet of the Honorable Paul Eric Djomgoue, of the constituency of Yaoundé 2.

A spontaneous mobilization of the young people of Yaoundé II came very massively to testify their support and unfailing to this politician who has been the subject of several controversies in recent days.

"DPE", as it is affectionately known in this riding, abruptly interrupted her morning sporting session under the incessant appeals of her chief of staff, herself surprised by this event, to respond to the unannounced call of these youth.

"We are aware of the socio-political news that prevails in our borough, so we came to reassure our MP and tell him that tribalism will not pass through us. Here, we preach to live together. We are fully mobilized by his side, notwithstanding the irresponsible actions orchestrated by a small handful of our fellow citizens, "said one of the protesters.