Monday, April 22, 2019

Two relatives of Biya involved in a serious traffic accident

The car of the elected of the people crashed on a tree after a spectacular exit of road.

The Honorable Ali Bachir Hamadou, CPDM deputy of the Adamaoua Region, Mayor Alhadji Kadir of the Commune of Ngaoundéré 3e and two other people were aboard the car of the deputy who left on the morning of Saturday 20 April 2019 from Ngaoundere to Moubi in Nigeria.

On the way, the car hit a tree after making a spectacular road exit at Gamba, on the national highway number 1.

"The honorable ALI BACHIR was in his vehicle with the mayor of Ngaoundéré 3 rd and two other people including the driver.The deputy went to MOUBI in NIGERIA to offer his condolences to the Lamido who lost his mother and the mayor of Ngaoundéré accompanied him. These two personalities and the driver are in the emergency room of the Norwegian hospital of Ngaoundere. The Honorable ALI BACHIR has a broken thigh and finger, the driver has a bleeding and the Mayor would have a dislocation at the hip "explains Haman, our source is already considering the evacuation of the two elected in a reference hospital in Yaoundé.