Thursday, April 4, 2019

The teacher pursued because of Kamto writes a salt letter to his headmaster

This release of Ningue Félix follows a text of Education for Citizenship and Morality, proposed by a teacher to the students of the final year of high school in Mendong, whose author is Paul Biya.

Recall that Félix Ningue, a philosophy teacher, was expelled by Jean Pierre Mvoundi Abondo, the principal of the same high school, for having proposed to his students, during the evaluation of the fourth course, a subject of philosophy drawn from the "Urgence de la pensée", authored by jurist Maurice Kamto, now leader of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC).

Below the reaction of Felic Ningue,


Mr Headmaster; I believe that this time you will crown me for my praise for your national party president. I thought I believed what you said that giving a text by Maurice KAMTO was a way of doing politics in school.

When I spoke of intellectual ostracism some called me alarmist; I whined a lot.You suspended me for the simple reason that I gave an extract of the text of the thinker Maurice KAMTO of undeniable pedagogical incommensurability.

Paul Biya is also a politician; he is not an author enrolled in the Terminale program with regard to Education for citizenship and morality whereas the writer KAMTO is author of the program of philosophy / Terminale in Cameroon; which is even quoted in two chapters of the manual officially registered in the program. Here is Mrs TSANE who made aim the test with the extract of speech of your champion for the account of the 5th sequence.

You have put the text of Maurice KAMTO to a sort of sacrificial judgment by simply throwing anathema on his thought. I hope you will be brought up by this act; but I dare to believe that your consciousness (if it still exists) will also be high because I feel that it has deteriorated. I hope that the MINESEC Presidency and Regional Delegate will not call you at midnight to ask for explanations.

I hope that this text of Paul Biya that you just submitted to the sagacity of the learners will be able to keep you in Yaounde. I hope that this country will change without the people of your ilk because of the interviews I had with you; I must say with Axelle KABOU that the ruling elite in Africa suffers from intellectual constipation which blocks its emergence;it is enough for me to say that even without you this country will change. I tell you this country will change.

Source: Boris Bertolt