Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Succession of Biya: Chantal bets on her joker and influences the decisions

The debate over Paul Biya's succession to the supreme magistracy worries more than one. He speaks both on the national and international political scene.

The ominous omens about the identity of Cameroon's third head of state are being replaced by the convulsions and crises that the country is going through. After the controversial edition of the pan-African newspaper Jeune Afrique of February 17, 2019, it is the turn of the French media The letter of the continent to maintain the controversy.

In its edition N ° 798 of April 10, 2019, the newspaper brings back to the taste of the day, the famous debate of succession, and understands that Paul Biya, in power for 37 years, would be at his last mandate.Without however departing from the wacky analysis of Jeune Afrique, the newspaper reveals in its columns that the incarceration of Mebe Ngoh would be the work of the Minister of State, Secretary general to the Presidency of the republic to distance this one presidential ambitions.

Our colleague in his article dated April 10, 2019 titled "Who Can Succeed the Biya Sphinx?", Confidently states that Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh would have an invisible hand on the arrest of former Defense Minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo ' o. Later, the newspaper indicates that the first Cameroonian lady plays an important role as regards the succession to the head of the State.