Tuesday, April 16, 2019

'Sleeping with corpses is part of the job, we have to do it' an Employee of a morgue confesses

In an interview with Adom TV, the words of Lucas Sharkar, an employee of a morgue in Ghana, shocked the whole country.Since that day, the man, who lost his job, is actively wanted by the police.

An employee of the Korle Bu Teaching hospital morgue in Accra, Ghana, Lucas Sharkar was invited to television to talk about his job. But the words of the man shocked many people. According to the International Business Times, he said he slept with the dead. He added that it was part of his training. The purpose of these "sexual relations" would be to feel very comfortable with the corpses. "It's part of the job, we have to do it. Because once we've done it, we're never afraid again, "Lucas told the International Business Times, relayed by the Essential website.

"I'm relieving myself"

Then, the man confessed to having a lot of trouble attracting "living" girls because of his difficult job. "So sometimes, when I'm at the morgue, I go to a fresh woman's body and I'm relieving myself," he told the reporter in shock. Since that interview, the man has been discharged from the hospital. Frightened, he disappeared into the wild. He is now wanted by the Ghana police.

Source: rtl.be