Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Serail: this high-ranking army who wants Ngoh Ngoh's head at all costs

Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh has cultivated since his appointment to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic a vast network that today makes him one of the most powerful men of the Republic or even the most powerful.

In the army he gradually consolidated his stature by getting closer to the Israeli BIR who also ensure the safety of Paul Biya. No wonder then that when he was kept in the government and promoted to Minister of State, they opened bottles of champagne. Because the links go well between them.

But, the ties are rather tense with the colonel of the presidential guard Raymond Charles Beko Abondo. Recently, Ngo'o Ngo'o, the man to whom nothing is refused, sends to the COM GP a list of mostly Nnanga Eboko officers who have to move on to higher ranks.

Beko Abondo opposes it by indicating that it answers only of the chief of the state.And rejected the proposals of the SGPR.While making a note to the attention of Paul Biya.

But this episode must simply be put in the context of power struggles in the presidency of the Republic between Ngo'o Ngo'o and MVONDO Ayolo. Beko Abondo being considered close to the current director of the civil cabinet.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt