Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Secret stay of Paul Biya in the Switzerland: the BAS sounds the alert

Despite all the arrangements made at the Palace of Unity for leaks similar to those that had aborted the trip of the Cameroonian No. 1 in France via Switzerland last February, the Cameroonians, activists of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade with , were informed - on the late, admittedly - that Paul Biya was going to make a trip from Yaoundé to Geneva on Sunday. Our colleague J.Rémy Ngono amply explained on his Facebook wall on the how and why of the violation of the travel embargo of the Cameroonian dictator who still holds in his prisons more than 150 Cameroonians guilty of having braved his embargo it is unjust for him to walk in the Cameroonian cities of the country to say no to the drift of the country. Read earlier.

On April 4, the President of the Republic of Cameroon published a photo bearing the caption: "Meeting today at the Unity Palace with the Ambassador of Switzerland to Cameroon, His Excellency Pietro Lazzeri. our exchanges: economy, immigration and humanitarian assistance ".

In fact, Paul Biya had received the Swiss ambassador to Cameroon to refine the final settings of his trip to Switzerland. After 205 days, the presidential couple Chantal and Paul Biya will quietly take off this Sunday from Yaoundé to go to Switzerland. The delegation was preceded by secret services, including the assassination expert, Colonel Joel Emile Bankoui who has been in Geneva for a week.

Forced by the Anti-Sardinards Brigade to remain in Cameroon since October 2018, Paul Biya had already brought a medical plane for a consultation at the presidential palace of Etoudi. He had planned to go to Geneva for medical check-ups. The dictator of Cameroon had made a request to the Swiss authorities for the authorization of overflight and landing in their territory on February 24, 2019. But, the letter had leaked. The Anti-Sardinards Brigade had forced the presidential couple to give up the trip.

The health of the President of the Republic and especially that of his wife is degrading, Paul Biya has started all the batteries with the help of France, to obtain permission to go to Switzerland for medical consultations. Some emissaries had already been sent with briefcases to create confusion within the Anti-Sardinards Brigade and fund a unit called "Patriots Brigade" to welcome Paul Biya and his wife.

While he is in Geneva at the moment, Colonel Joel Émile Bankoui tried to diversion to make believe that he came to Paris next week to pick the opponents including me. Meanwhile, the suitcases were discreetly made at Etoudi's palace.Chantal and Paul Biya will indeed leave Cameroon this Sunday for Switzerland.

205 days without going to change their blood and go to taste the worldliness of the hotel Intercontinental of Geneva!Chantal and Paul Biya can not hold anymore. It is now that the real resistance will begin against the Lion Man who is weakened and comes to regenerate in hospitals that he has not been able to build in his country for 37 years. "