Monday, April 1, 2019

Secessionists decree 10 days of inactive Limbe

As is often the case, messages calling residents of the Meme and Fako divisions of the Southwest Region to boycott a 9-day cultural festival, have gone through social media, and many citizens have condemned this movement.

The message attributed to the Fako / Meme section of the Separatists or Amba boys, announces that they will organize activities from 4 to 13 April 2019, against the holding of the Festival of Arts and Culture, FESTAC. These separatists also asked residents to stock food in homes and avoid going out on the streets during this period or else they would be killed.

Many English speakers condemn this call to "dead cities", which they describe as lame and unjustified. Reacting on social networks, they called on the separatist leaders of the diaspora to intervene because the ghost towns paralyze the Cameroonian economy and make life difficult for the inhabitants.

The 6th edition of the Festival of Arts and Culture of Limbe, organized by the Limbe City Council, takes place from April 6th to 13th. Since the English crisis has grown in 2017, very few attacks have been reported in Limbe. It remains a safe haven for many people living in the Southwest region.

The cultural event brings together all 10 regions in Limbe, where they express their rich cultural heritage and the need to remain united for the good of the country.It also reflects Africa, through presentations from other countries such as Nigeria, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, etc.It's not just culture that's celebrated at the festival. Cameroon celebrates beauty, sport, leisure and tourism as well as friendship, love and friendliness.

Activities such as marathon, traditional wrestling, rope wrestling, canoe racing, canoe racing, boat cruises and visits to the Bimbia Slave Trade Village, among others, typically characterize event that lasts a week.