Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Resolutions of the European Parliament: the clear position of secessionists

The Ambazonian secessionist leadership is clearly not unanimous on the way to go, following the exit of the European Parliament, which in its recent resolution asks the Cameroonian government "to take immediately all necessary measures to end the violence and to impunity in the country ".

Thus, if the political wing is not very talkative since this exit of the European Parliament which tends to give the feeling that the cry of distress of the anglophones found attentive ear on the side of the European decision makers, this is not the case of the branch Army, led by Ayaba Cho Lucas, who came out of his hinges on reading the EP resolution. Known so far as the Commander-in-Chief of the Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF) Mr. Ayaba Cho who is also known this time under the cap of Acting President of the Government of Ambazonia, finds that the resolution of the European Union is weak, hypocritical and not up to the task, in a way likely to confuse people's minds, as to the true nature of the stakes of one of the most deadly civil wars that Cameroon has known since about 60 years. This reaction is contained in the message below, addressed Thursday to his compatriots by the military chief secessionist.

"My dear people,

we will not make any honorable amends.More than 4 million people affected (the total population of Norway and twice the population of Berlin); 1.5 million people in need of humanitarian aid (three times more than the population of Luxembourg), ie more than 700 000 internally displaced persons; over 300,000 refugees including those from Cameroon and over 10,000 dead.

The culprit and author of this statistic is Cameroon and it is shameful that the EU claims to use an arsonist to try to extinguish the fire.

The EU should be reminded that not seeing us as Ambazonians (a people) and not a geographical location of the perpetrator State perpetuates the conflict rather than resolving it. The EU should be reminded that in previous meetings we have spoken clearly in a way that has removed all doubts as to the root causes of the conflict and any solution acceptable to ambazonians, to restore peace and stability and engender peaceful coexistence after the conflict.

The EU must align its position with that of other actors determined to resolve the conflict so as to effectively decolonize Ambazonia and bring Cameroon back to its pre-independence frontiers.

While welcoming the external commitments that expose the barbarism of the author State, we reject any aesthetic approach, description or prescription, which fails to situate the conflict in its legitimate domain or to resolve it in order to put an end to the occupation of ambazonia by Cameroon.

The crimes committed by Cameroon in Ambazonia constitute legally crimes against humanity, war crimes and culturally genocide. As a standard-setting body, the EU must respect its founding credo and make a positive commitment to ending the conflict satisfactorily for our people.

Our team will continue its commitments, but I call on our people to increase resistance to Ground Zero, designed to forcibly expel a brutal and unrepentant beast from our homeland. "