Thursday, April 11, 2019

Private stay in Switzerland: here is the heavy response of Paul Biya against the BAS

It's serious ! The Cameroonian head of state has decided to use his "right of prosecution" against Cameroonian "terrorists" on Swiss soil. Despite the confinement to Cameroon of his person and his entourage now banned from staying in Western countries where these activists reside, the Cameroonian president has decided to go to Switzerland where he has his habits, come what may, question of catching up with health of his wife, who is said to be declining visibly.

But the president, "elected" recently by the Constitutional Council of his country instead of the people, knows that this trip to his "real country", Switzerland, could cost him flocks of tomatoes and rotten eggs. He has therefore made his arrangements. In war as in war!

Correspondence dated April 4, asking the Swiss authorities to leave his praetorian guard (especially reinforced for the occasion by eleven elements of the army - 3 senior officers, 3 junior officers and 5 non-commissioned officers of the Army and National Navy-) to transport weapons and ammunition (to kill - as it is cheerfully done in Cameroon - activists of the Anti-Sardinard Brigade?) Is signed by the Head of State Protocol, Simon Pierre Bikele.

But whatever Paul Biya's intention is to go to Switzerland with weapons and ammunition, it has the gift of generating the hilarity of his compatriots driven to exile by his dictatorship and his malgouvernance, especially those installed in land of William Tell, who saw their will to prevent him from enjoying peacefully the relaxing view of Lake Geneva.

Thus, if one of them simply notes that "Mr. Paul Biya is keen on his" native "Switzerland, even if he goes armed to the teeth for fear of his own compatriots" and notes that "BAS is definitely a real threat," another notes" POMBIA's plan to intimidate the BAS" and does not care: "ahahaha! He asks the Swiss authorities to authorize the port of arms". Not without warning the President-Terror that his warlike predispositions will not change one iota of the fate reserved for him by his compatriots who are waiting for him in Switzerland:

"POMBIA we are not afraid, come even with tanks of war, we will confront, maybe you think that Europe is the animal society where we shoot real shot at a people. We'll see, all the BAS is ready.

They should, however, be careful, because Biya who, according to indiscretions would have claimed that he has nothing left to lose and that he is ready to throw himself without reserve in the battle against those who want his power, is ready to any desperate act to make the authors pay a heavy price, the effective adversity that it is the object of the Cameroonian diaspora in Europe and the United States. Those in Switzerland, especially, have led him hard during his stays of the past two years, and he who has made violence the only way of relationship between his compatriots and him, intends to keep order. Including beyond the Cameroonian borders.Moreover some information more or less founded Cameroonvoice would like his regime is planning an unforgettable operation against the activists of the BAS in France during the march of 13 April.