Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Paul Biya's bodyguards in panic over Leak of mìlitary documents

The leaks of information on presidential trips orchestrated in recent days are part of a destabilizing maneuver for actors in the immediate vicinity of Paul Biya. Sources announce auditions and arrests.

A sign of the times. This is the second time, in the space of almost two months, that the President of the Republic foils the plans of conspirators carpet in his immediate entourage. At the end of February, the flight plan of the President of the Republic, with technical precision, is disclosed in social networks. Evil takes those who, for purposes no longer doubtful today, have cleverly orchestrated the flight. Paul Biya will not make this trip to Switzerland.

But the enemies of the interior do not disarm. From the evening of Saturday, April 6, it is the message-fax signed two days earlier by the head of state protocol of the civil cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic which is found on the Web. In this message, the urgency of which is signaled, Simon Pierre Bikélédemande, in view of a stay of the Head of State in Switzerland, the ambassador of Cameroon to obtain from the Swiss authorities the necessary authorizations for certain elements of the close security of Paul Biya. The message provides details on the number of items, the weapons in their possession, their dates and places of birth, their passport numbers, types and numbers of weapons and the number of ammunition each.

Although the maneuver has already been exposed and abundantly relayed by the press, its authors are not discouraged.

They publish in social networks photos of some members of the head of State's close guard, as well as those of their offspring. Faced with this other maneuver of destabilization, the presidential trip scheduled from April 7 is postponed sine die. "Never before have such sensitive information been found in the public square. By revealing the identity of those who hold in hand the security of the President of the Republic, it is quite possible that we are subtly sending a message to people preparing or feeding the project of attacking his life "Blows a safe source.

Another well-informed source agrees, arguing that it is not a simple leak of documents of proven sensitivity. On March 28, 2018, the then Prime Minister sounded the alarm. In a circular addressed in particular to all the government and heads of diplomatic missions, Philemon Yang deplored "the recurrent dissemination, particularly on" social networks "or other mass media, of documents of a sensitive nature and often coated the mention '' Confidential '', '' Secret '' or '' Very secret ''.It is also the dissemination of information relating to operations in the field of security and defense.

Moreover, to convince that the leaks on the presidential trips go beyond the statement of the former head of government, various sources are formal that some officials of the Palace of the Unit were auditioned and would have proceeded to interpellation. The investigations are mainly aimed at the Presidential Security Directorate (DSP), the President of the Republic's special staff, and the State Protocol.

"In the case of the flight plan, the state protocol and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are primarily concerned. Regarding the disclosure of the list of members of the close security of the Head of State, the suspects are recruited within the DSP, the special staff and the state protocol ", believes to know a source visibly well aware of the file. For her, "what is happening for some time in the immediate entourage of the head of state shows that people are part of the logic of an end of reign, and do not even hide their desire to rush his departure ".

Source: camer.be