Monday, April 22, 2019

'Paul Biya is a champion, he can not be the problem of Cameroon' Gregory Owona

It was in an interview given to the international television channel Canal 2 on April 16, 2019, Gregory Owona, the Minister of Labor and Social Security spoke on the issue of alternation in power in Cameroon; the editor transcribes the highlights of this interview.

In recent times, there has been a resurgence of debates on the political transition in Cameroon, what is your reception of this debate?

Alternation can be broken down by changing men or changing the system. I believe that right now, we are coming out of a presidential election where it is clearly established that President Biya won the elections, and that he is in office for the remaining six and a half years...

With regard to the international environment, news in Sudan, but also in Algeria, do not you have the impression that today the problem is Paul Biya?

Our champion can not be the problem. He is loyal to his country, he is a convinced and convincing democrat. Today he guarantees the stability of the institutions by all he has done. He is very well recognized not only on the international scene, but also by the majority of Cameroonians who have again given him 71% by popular vote. He is available to dialogue. It can not be the problem, it is simply the solution for us to continue.

In the current state of affairs, do you feel that all the conditions are right for a transition to take place in Cameroon peacefully?

All conditions for a peaceful alternation are met in Cameroon. But on the condition of accepting the institutions, to accept the competition, on the condition of being able to propose to the Cameroonians what is good ... We have a Constitutional Council which must supervise and proclaim the results of the elections, we have an institution (ELECAM) which We organize elections, we have laws that work well and we also have political parties that contribute to the expression of suffrage... We have a republican and professional army. I say it to denounce it because, what must be feared tomorrow is that someone comes out of the bush with machetes and rifles to seize power by force. That's what would bring some disorder... No one is eternal.

Do you have something you wanted to say that you could not say?

I hope that all Cameroonians will continue to love their country, that Cameroonians will remobilise even more so that all parties in Cameroon will find peace and serenity. Because things depend on Cameroonians and not those who want us to experience Sudan. But I would like to ask them, where the people who push us to do anything have been, what has changed and what is better there?