Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Paul Biya expected in Sochi in October

The meeting of Paul Biya-Anatoly Bashkine is one of the most remarkable presidential audiences in terms of duration and content. For his first meeting with the Cameroonian Head of State since the presentation of his credentials in December 2017, the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Cameroon was treated with respect worthy of the fruitful and dynamic cooperation between Yaoundé and Moscow. Upon arrival at 12:50, the Russian diplomat is greeted on the forecourt of the presidential palace by the head of state protocol, Simon-Pierre Bikele. The guard of honor is provided by a detachment of the Presidential Guard.

Varied menu

The ambassador is then taken to the third floor of the tower where, in camera, his interview with the Head of State takes place. The 130 minutes spent with the President of the Republic provide sufficient information on the intensity, quality and diversity of the topics discussed.

We must wait for the exit of the Russian diplomat to learn more about the content of the hearing between him and the head of the Cameroonian state. "We have a lot of questions. We reviewed the cooperation between the Russian Federation and Cameroon, particularly in political, economic and humanitarian terms. We also went around the international news at a time when the situation is very hectic in the world, "said Anatoly Bashkine to the press.

But the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Cameroon has mainly revealed to journalists the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin to his Cameroonian counterpart to participate in the first-ever Russia-Africa summit scheduled for October 2019 in Sochi, Russia.

According to the Russian ambassador, President Paul Biya responded favorably to the invitation of his Russian counterpart. For the plenipotentiary of Moscow in Yaoundé, this unprecedented meeting which will be preceded by the forum of Russian and African parliamentarians and an economic forum will open a framework for dialogue and consultation between Africa and Russia.

Russia, according to Anatoly Bashkine, relies heavily on the "active participation" of President Paul Biya in this great event considering, he insists "of his experience and his great vision of Africa".

Referring to the context of the war on terror, the Russian envoy welcomed the solidarity shown by the African community, particularly the countries of Central and West Africa, in the fight against terrorism. against the Boko-Haram terrorist sect.

"For Moscow, this shows that when African countries get together and take their destiny into their own hands, they are able to solve their own problems, to manage their own destiny, in an effective way," he said.

Multiform cooperation

Yaoundé and Moscow are linked by a rich cooperation of nearly 55 years. The authorities of both countries are keen to give a new impetus to bilateral cooperation and have the ambition to raise it to a higher level. In addition to terrorism, the two countries have exchanges in many other areas, including humanitarian. In February 2015, we remember that the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization of the time, René Emmanuel Sadi, had received at the station-traveler Douala about 1900 tons of humanitarian aid. The donation estimated at nearly CFAF 3 billion was destined for nearly 350,000 refugees hosted on Cameroon soil.

In addition to the humanitarian aspect, the donation also includes life-saving equipment and equipment for the National Fire Service. The importance of the donation has also necessitated the displacement of a member of the Russian government to Cameroon. Six months ago, it was equipment for our defense and security forces engaged in the fight against the terrorist sect Boko Haram that was sent to Cameroon by the Russian partner.

The two countries which established their diplomatic relations on February 20, 1964, have moreover signed, on April 15, 2015, a military and technical cooperation agreement concerning the training of military personnel and the granting of equipment. .

In terms of security, training was organized in Cameroon by experts from Russia in the field of fire safety. On the economic front, our country benefits from Russian expertise in the field of industry and energy, with the participation of banks and large companies from Russia. The two countries maintain cooperation in the judicial field as evidenced by the visit of the Minister of State, Minister of Justice in Pietersburg, visit during which Laurent Esso signed two cooperation agreements with Russia in the judicial field.

Cameroon, like Russia, is currently facing terrorist attacks on parts of their respective territories. Economically, Russia brings its expertise to Cameroon in the fields of industry and even agriculture.Russia is one of the top destinations for coffee produced in Cameroon. It should also be noted that the Cameroonian economic days were organized in Russia in October 2016 in order to allow Cameroonian economic operators to find new markets in this country of more than 17 million km², the largest in the world.

The cultural field is not left out.

Source: Detective / Nº 1080