Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Paul Biya case: here is the latest decision taken by the European Union

The European Parliament adopted Thursday, April 18, 2019, three resolutions taking stock of the human rights situation in the Sultanate of Brunei, China and Cameroon.

In the parliamentary session on Thursday, thirteen points sanctioned the final resolution on human rights violations and all forms of political repression in Cameroon.

The Parliament expressed its concern at the "failure of the Cameroonian Government to hold its security forces accountable, because this disempowerment has aggravated the violence and has spread the culture of impunity". He called for an "independent and transparent investigation into the use of force" by police and security forces against protesters and political opponents, and called for those responsible to be fairly judged.

The European Union has taken note of the US decision to reduce its military aid to Cameroon "as a result of credible allegations of gross violations of human rights committed by security forces". It asked the Commission to carry out an evaluation of the European Union's assistance to the Cameroonian security services in this regard and to report to the European Parliament and asked the Union and its Member States to ensure that no aid granted to the Cameroonian authorities can contribute to or facilitate human rights violations.

The parliamentarians also demanded "the immediate release of all detainees for political reasons". They also hoped that "the Government of the country confirms that it will not ask the death penalty for political activists and protesters, recalling that this sentence has not been applied in Cameroon since 1997".

In consultation with all political actors in Cameroon, the Parliament also urged the Government of Cameroon to begin a review of the country's electoral system, with the aim of ensuring a free, transparent and credible electoral process.

Parliament demands that "this revision be carried out before any new election, in order to promote peace and avoid post-election crises". He called on the European Union (EU) to intensify its technical assistance to Cameroon to support its efforts to strengthen electoral procedures in the direction of democracy.

Source: Cameroon-info.net