Sunday, April 7, 2019

Operation Sparrowhawk; Nganou Djoumessi's son to be announced soon in Kondengui

According to our information Boris Judicaël Nganou, a Cameroon Telecommunications executive (Camtel), and chiefly director of the Camtel Mobile Network project, was before the Special Criminal Court (Tcs), yesterday in Yaoundé, for alleged misappropriation of funds incriminating also David Nkotto Emane l former director general of Camtel.

The boulevard of the insalubrious (literally as well as figuratively) Yaoundé prison in the Kondengui district, is open in front of Boris Judicaël Nganou. The latter, a manager at Camtel, and above all a director of a project in the state-owned telecommunications company, was facing the sleuthing of the Tcs on April 4 and 05 in Yaounde. The son of Minister Nganou Djoumessi of Public Works, we learned, appeared at Tcs, alongside David Nkotto Emane, the ex-Dg of Camtel.

According to our information, the Special Court investigates suspicious transfers of nearly three billion francs CFA between the Camtel and Ministry of Economy, Planning and Spatial Planning (Minepat), the time when Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi there was still minister. It is said then that the current Minister of Public Works, Minepat, would have demanded that the project Camtel Mobile Network (CMN) for which Camtel (short of funds) had requested the funding of the Minepat, is led by his son Boris Judicaël Nganou. Sources indicate that the project has never been executed, but billions in it have gone up in smoke. More seriously, it is said that the former Minepat would have even requested that the budget of the CMN project, be independent of Camtel.

However, has learned that suspicious fund movements of nearly three billion CFA francs have been observed between Camtel and Minepat. All that is then worth to Boris Judicaël Nganou and David Nkotto Emane, the interest of the Tcs. Any attempt by your newspaper to have Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi the former Minepat on the phone, just to know about the financing of the Camtel Mobile Network project, was in vain.