Thursday, April 4, 2019

New drug banned from selling in Cameroon

The Minister of Public Health comes to stop the marketing and quarantine of Pneumorel.

The decision of the Minister of Public Health (Minsanté) of Cameroon, Manaouda Malachié date from 1 April 2019.

In a correspondence addressed to the health sector operators in Cameroon, the Minsanté orders "to proceed immediately to the judgment of the use, dispensing and dispensing, and then quarantine all forms of the drug until further notice.

This is Pneumorel, syrup and tablets, which "adverse effects" have been discovered, including "heart rhythm disorders," says Manaouda Malachié.

Pneumorel is an antitussive. It is used against cough and to promote sputum, expulsion of sputum.

The drug had already been banned in France by the authorities last February.