Friday, April 12, 2019

MRC case: thousands of people in Paris took to street, say 'That's enough!'

Men, women, children, even babies, were at the rendezvous this afternoon in the streets of Paris, to shout loudly the disarray of their compatriots held in abeyance by a bloody dictatorship in power for 37 years.

As they have done for almost half a year, Cameroonians responded Saturday to the call in Paris, to denounce the electoral heist of October 22, 2018 which has removed from the presidency the real winner of the presidential election, the other electoral coup that the Biya regime is preparing to carry out by holding regional elections before the municipal elections while the Municipal Councilors whose term has expired for 7 months are the electorate authorized to vote for the election of regional advisers, to demand the cessation of hostilities and atrocities in the English-speaking regions of the North-West and South-West and especially to demand the release of President-elect Maurice Kamto and his 158 comrades and allies detained for 70 days in Cameroonian prisons by the military junta in Yaounde.

If the Cameroonian people pushed a few days ago a sigh of relief at the announcement of the postponement of protest marches across the country originally scheduled for Saturday, April 6 by the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, considering this postponement of a week as a way to postpone their execution by the Biya regime and therefore a few extra days of life obtained, their compatriots in France, gathered under the aegis of the two powerful Cameroonian diasporic organizations that are the Collectif des Camerounais de la Diaspora (CCD) and the Anti-Sardinard Brigade (BAS) were keen to honor the sabbatical rendezvous by breaking several hundred in the streets of the French capital.

Objective denounce 37 years of Biya regime, which in their opinion is

37 years of electoral fraud, 37 years of endemic corruption,

37 years of misappropriation of public funds,

37 years of insecurity and anarchy,

37 years of dictatorship
and say that enough. But not only, it was also question for the protesters of Paris this Saturday, April 6, to reaffirm their support to Maurice Kamto, winner of the presidential election of 2018 in Cameroon but downgraded by the Constitutional Council for the benefit of Paul Biya. You could read on banners and signs:


Below, some images of the event in Paris that already presage what will be that of Saturday, April 13. For as well as writing in the early evening on his Facebook wall activist Max Senior Ivory,

"Prepare for the 13. It will be serious! "