Saturday, April 6, 2019

MRC case: Libii demands the immediate release of one of Kamto's associates

The national coordinator of the movement 11 million citizens indicated it last night in a short outing on April 05 on his facebook page.

According to Cabral Libii, Celestin Djamen, now embellished alongside Maurice Kamto and others, is the politician who made the most "sacrifices in his commitments."

It is for this reason that he intends to pay him a solace visit to Kondengui's main prison, where he has been detained for two months. "If he wishes, I'll visit him soon. Beyond everything he said about me, "writes Cabral.

The unfortunate candidate in the last presidential election does not stop there, he goes on to note that Celestin Djamen, now a militant of the MRC, led in his former party, the SDF, "courageous battles for reforms".

But Cabral Libii does not finish without deploring, according to him, the fact that Jamen is "the one we do not talk about when we call for liberation or when we seize international bodies"