Monday, April 15, 2019

MRC case: Francè turns its back on Mauríce Kamto

France shows its support for Paul Biya against Maurice Kamto, the information is the journalist and whistleblower Boris Bertolt.

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Since the arrest of Maurice KAMTO, one thing distinguishes Paris from other European capitals: it does not openly demand the release of political prisoners. Although selo. Several sources Macron would have asked Biya Paul to let go of the ballast to get a calming of the socio-political tension.

Because, France reproaches one thing with Maurice KAMTO and its allies: never to have recognized the victory of Paul Biya. The ambassador of France in Cameroon, Gilles Thibaut and his advisor N1 no longer hide. They openly ask the MRC officials to renounce the "no hold-up". Those to whom Maurice KAMTO and his allies have strongly opposed to this day. Paris has not digested him and accepts the detention of 200 political prisoners in Cameroon. Take for example the attitude of Jean Yves Le Drian, the current French Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Beyond being simply very silent about the Cameroon case, he is also a liar. Thus in a note dated April 4, 2019 addressed to a French deputy to which we could have access, Le Drian states that: "Maurice Kamto was brought before a judge within a reasonable time after his arrest". Nearly two weeks of detention before seeing a judge for French, Le Drian is reasonable. I am not talking about inhumane conditions relating to his treatment or a search warrant that has become an arrest warrant. Drian adds: "He was able to access his lawyers despite some odds". For nearly 10 days nobody knew where KAMTO Maurice was. A serious violation of the rights of the Defense.

For Drian it's a "hazard". Remember the lawyers' strike to gain access to their client. It is simply indecent for my brain the words of this French Minister of Foreign Affairs. Drian ended his correspondence in these terms: "for some hearings before the military court, it seems that he did not have the time and facilities to prepare them in a manner".

There it is the final one would have said the Minister of Communication of the Cameroonian government. He does not, from my point of view, doubt. French diplomats are sufficiently showered with money bags by the Yaoundé regime. It stinks of corruption. The candidate of France in Cameroon for now is Paul Biya. Just like their candidate in Algeria was Bouteflika, in Gabon they support Ali Bongo. Ohhh poor France.