Monday, April 1, 2019

MRC affair: Victor Fotso's daughter tackles Paul Biya harshly

In a letter addressed to the president of the MRC and published in the newspaper Mutations on newsstands March 28, 2019, the lawyer Christelle Nadia Fotso believes that the unfortunate candidate in the last presidential election has missed an appointment with history.

The jurist and lawyer Christelle Nadia Fotso, wealthy businessman Victor Fotso the girl without saying so openly did not appreciate the presence of foreign lawyers including the famous French lawyer, Eric Dupond-Moretti among lawyers defending Maurice kamto incarcerated at the central prison of Kondengui in Yaoundé.

In an open letter to the opposition entitled "Black Toggles, White Masks", the lawyer at the Washington Bar first states that there is no link between her and the leader of the MRC. She acknowledges that Maurice Kamto "is no stranger to his decision to become a doctor of law while obtaining a Master in International Relations".

It also recognizes "the impact it has had on the profession and is an example to those who have made the law their only weapon to make our country, our continent and our world better."

If she admits having followed her campaign without participating in the presidential elections, "a question has always tapped her mind, knowing in what policy would transform the exceptional jurist he is?".

"Until last week, without seducing me or simply persuading me, your ideas, your speeches, and your actions had never embarrassed me. The press conference of your councils, Eminent Confrère rebelled me, "writes the lawyer.

"Of course, from now on, you are first and foremost a policy that probably does not belong to you, but I dare not believe that the jurist you were, could have endorsed such a spectacle. Beyond its effectiveness, it was momoféérique by ignoring the historicity of our country; it has locked us into an infernal system of colonial archaism that would like that in Cameroon, even the present or future president of tomorrow needs a white wizard to exist or just do not die judicially and politically, "she continues. .

Christelle Nadia Fotso reminds Professor Maurice Kamto that he has "excellent lawyers ... brilliantly, they will represent you; they will effectively carry your voice to those who matter. Too infirm and insignificant to understand the issues, afflicted, I can unclutter my heavy suspicion that you missed an appointment with history by not forgetting your roots but obscuring what makes the strength of your journey ... it is as heartbreaking as problematic that you who must lead by example make a choice that denatures the fight we are fighting to have a bright future in common "

" ... Yes, Eminent Confrère, that's what I blame you for woman, jurist and lawyer, to have legitimized the legal stripping by confirming to your people that black is black and that the more the cause is beautiful, noble and existential, it is necessary to whiten it, to kill its epidermis, to become orange, red, whiter than white, and losing his cameroon in the country of Ernest Ouandié to internationalize without dressing the sublime globality of Edouard Glissant. Dare Cameroon to the end, Professor Kamto! You have started so well ... Do not stop there. Cameroonize to the dregs! "She concludes.