Sunday, April 7, 2019

Momo VS Tchiroma: stinging defeat of an ambitious minister against his mentor

Minister Bakary Tchiroma is a role model for Minister Momo. This one does not hide it by the way. Everything would be for the best in the best possible world if he was just admiring his mentor, alas no! The young minister set out to compete with his mentor with incomparable talents and performances. A rivalry which Minister Bakary Tchiroma is already victorious, without striking a blow and in all elegance.A defeat that Maitre Momo wants to lessen with the organization of a GIGA MEETING FESTIVAL, from 12 to 13 April 2019.

From 12 to 13 April 2019, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice, Jean De DIEU MOMO organizes a GIGA MEETING FESTIVAL, around the visionary book of the Head of State "For Community Liberalism". An expensive event which it will be difficult to justify the financing in the months to come. Many Cameroonians, unsuspecting, who wonder if the organization of shows is part of the integration program of a young Minister of Justice. If they analyze the situation a little better, they will understand that Minister Momo is at another level of his magisterium where he leads remote battles. It's about competing with Mr Bakary Tchiroma in the field of "griotism" and even outclassing the inaudible René Sadi. It is said that this confrontation is not a foolish challenge because Minister Momo is convinced that his experience of Sunday chat on Africa Media channel, is sufficient to ensure the communication of an entire government. Indeed, after two unsuccessful attempts that have earned him a call to order and an inscription on an American "short list", Minister Momo relies on this Giga Meeting Festival to get back into the points counter.

Minister Bakary Tchiroma, penet, savoring the troubles of this ambitious young minister and the communication cacophony of the government at the moment, because it allows to highlight the mastership, certainly demagogic, with which he protected and carried the voice of this regime for years. Certainly he has in common with the minister Momo to have been among the most vibrant opponents denouncing the escapades and foolishness of this regime before becoming their ministers or servants or creatures. Apart from this similarity, everything else goes awry. Judge for yourself:

- Minister Tchiroma defended Cameroon, the Cameroonian government and its nonsense, with a diplomacy and a repartee that has always kept Cameroon safe from the fireworks of the community while Master Momo, in a single outing, moved the international community. The whole world has discovered the small Nazi country that Mr Tchiroma had hidden for years.

- Mr Tchiroma has always taken the precaution, although an accomplice of the government in solidarity, not to insult or to insult the Cameroonian people he affectionately likes to call "gregarious people". Master Momo, meanwhile, tells us that we are all anti-patriots in front of him, the Nazi patriot.

- I am an information thirsty and unless it has escaped me, since he is in the service of Cameroon, I have never heard Minister Tchiroma, insult, stigmatize the people of his native North. While Master Momo, in less than three months, transformed the Ministry of Justice into a ministry of tribalism.

- Mr Tchiroma, has always been in his role, as Minister of Communication and spokesperson for the government. While Minister Momo is completely off topic. He ventures into a field that is not attributed to him and that he does not master well. It will only be three months since Bakary Tchiroma is no longer the spokesperson of the government and the Sadi-Momo couple has already put on our backs a whole squadron of bats so the EU, the EU, the UN , the AU and even France, say so!This is a clear difference.

- Well, this is not a guarantee for him but still, more than 10 years to a very exposed position and no "fatoua" from outside. While Minister Momo, despite having inherited a ministerial position sheltered from storms, in the back yard of a Kafkaesque justice, managed the feat, in less than three months, to rise on this blacklist of America.

- The Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice, organizing the GIGA MEETING FESTIVAL, and especially in this month of April, with this program announced, intends to scratch his mentor but it is relaxed because he notes, like all Cameroonians that this expensive event which he will have difficulty to justify the financing in the months to come will be able to carry it in the country of if I knew.

The conclusion is clear, the mission of rivalry, off topic, the Minister delegate to the Minister of Justice, is doomed to failure and the Giga meeting festival, will only be confirmation of the chronicle of this announced defeat. What is this Giga Meeting Festival, which brings to the new minister the double cap of minister of entertainment and minister of commemorations? What is it about ? Why is it that this operation will be a snub to Minister Tchiroma that Mr. Momo will grieve and scratch in passing?

To answer these questions, you need to support the Giga Meeting Festival program. And it turns out that in terms of symbolism and program, Minister Momo is really in a leap forward:

- Choice of the dateu 12 to 13 April.

All Cameroonians know that the month of April is a month of commemoration in the far north. Because it is a month that reminds all of us that young dynamic leaders, young NCOs and officers from this region have simply been erased from this planet. Minister Tchiroma had almost passed and since then, he weeps, with the Cameroonians, the death of our brothers and his friends. Minister Momo is very specific about this attack.

- Organize a party right now that we are at war.

Is it really necessary to organize the party with a lot of humor, as we go into NOSO.What is this hymn to death and murder that drives the new minister? What is going on ? Is this the best way to remember the disappeared people from Bépanda?

- The festival will close with the official launch of the MINDEL MOMO Young Entrepreneurship Award, which will reward the best business initiatives of young Cameroonians. A vicious overlap on the borders of the new Cameroonian Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Mr. Tchiroma. I would say even more, it is a master lesson from Minister Momo to the Minister of Employment. Meanwhile, Cameroonians are still waiting to see if the new Minister of Justice has had access to a copy of the penal code or the constitution. Just a little act of justice what!

Let's leave the program and focus for a moment on the financing of this mega meeting. We Cameroonians, squared by death on all sides (family, family, friends, colleagues, compatriots and soldiers) we all have great experience in the organization of grief and other events a little happier, weddings, dowries , baptisms, etc. We have our idea about the costs of such an event. It is clear that for this giga meeting in festival mode, it will cost at least a hundred million F CFA, at least (without overbilling), if we count the rentals of rooms, travel, mission expenses, the stamp of the artists, the bread-sardines and the drinks, the communication (T-shirts, banners, journalists, pagnes, etc), the sound system, the transport and the lodging of the dance troops, the hygiene (?) and security especially at this moment when death rode in all the compartments of the Cameroon boat.

Parameters indicate that the minister did not logically finance this operation on own funds because he says himself, he does not have much money. As a reminder, he joined the CPDM because he could not pay for his candidacy and during the election campaign, Mr. Messanga Nyamding will explain on a television set that he and Momo had spent so much on the campaign that sometimes they did not have the money to pay for transportation.Funding can also come from the Ministry of Justice. The question is whether at the Ministry of Justice there is a budget line for the celebration of death and pump polish shows. That's a business to follow.

In conclusion, the Minister Delegate has understood in recent weeks that the claws of the old lion have tightened around his throat. The tentacles of the octopus do not leave too many loopholes. With the declaration of his property, a real insult to the monarch, the minister only reinforces the suckers that surround him. And the organization of the GIGA MEETING FESTIVAL, to wax the king's pumps, is already a dance on shifting sand because it will be necessary to justify, the day said, the financing of this expensive event. In this story, it is necessary to to fear two things:

1- That President Paul Biya is again, for the nth time, the turkey of this farce between his two creatures because Minister Momo will rub his shoes until they are pierced and he will not reach his ankle of the great Master Tchiroma. "So, Mr. Chairman, if you read this post, have your favorite pumps delivered in quadruplicate."

2- That this challenge, in the form of stubbornness, which started from a good feeling because we can not reproach an admirer for aspiring to do better than his mentor, is later told as the fable of a cross-course. Minister Tchiroma had left the prison to arrive at the various ministries. His foal, who is already in the Ministry of Justice, seems to dread seriously (with the declaration of his property) a reverse course to the prison.