Sunday, April 7, 2019

Mark Bareta shards those praying for low turnout at the Ambazonia conference in abroad

Their propaganda works no more. They were ready waiting to see a scanty hall. Their first job would have been sharing the picture mocking, laughing, throwing insults. Now, it turns out differently. People's power are always genuine. Now, you see them on media creating another conspiracy, they have created a reverse criticism. They do not get tired, they never get tired. Seeing how the first day looks like, adrenaline seems to have climbed on their heads. Listen, if you are one of them know this Activist Mark Bareta, messenger of the people's platform is talking directly to you.

We are going to only win, if we support each other, compliment the shortcomings, ignorance of others and appreciates the strength of others. All along since 2016, this is what this platform has been doing. The real thinkers understand us and that is why the messenger of this platform has not been spared by both sides of the divide but, I remain strong because I GOT THE X-FACTOR

Ambazonia is FREE

Mark Bareta