Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Luther André Meka: Kamto is ungrateful. Here's all Biya did for him and his family'

RDPC's fierce campaigner, Luther André Meka, is working on the leader of the MRC, Maurice Kamto. He judges the opponent of Paul Biya ungrateful, ungrateful for everything the president has done for him.

'President Paul Biya took charge of the evacuation of Pr Kamto's mother. On his death, the head of state has released the plump sum of 50 million FCFA for funeral, "reveals one of the young people who supported President Paul Biya during the presidential campaign,

with passion and determination, Luther André Meka believes that Maurice Kamto has sold the country to the West and that he is not trustworthy.

"Today he vows to the President.Cameroonian people, remember that Professor Kamto made a deal with Westerners:

1 / If he is president, the exploitation of oil, diamonds, gold, is the exclusive responsibility of Westerners.

If he is president, he will legalize homosexuality and promote it.

3 / if he is president, he will release all the public money divers in prison The mrc has a diabolical plan for Cameroon."

Source: Cameroonweb.com