Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Latest: Maurice Kamto accused of having 'bewitched' Long Long

Maurice Kamto on the bench accused of people "suspected" Long Long, is in any case what suggests the younger brother of the artist, Billy Longue.

Billy Long does not go to extremes to explain that Maurice Kamto has dragged his brother "into secret places for unhealthy practices." Indeed, the engaged artist is unrecognizable for a few days. He multiplies video outings in which he holds speeches sometimes very inconsistent. Billy Longue, then argues that his older brother was invited by the leader of the MRC, Maurice Kamto, "in places kept secret for practices unhealthy", why he behaves like a "crazy" today

Read full the exit of Billy Longue.

I had told my big brother Simon Long Long to be very careful with our Cameroonian brothers in the West. He did not listen to me; He took this matter lightly. Akéré Muna asked my brother to campaign with him for a large sum.

He accepted ; but two days before the election he said to him: As I have made an alliance with Professor Maurice Kamto, you must continue your work. Your money will not suffer. Surprisingly enough, Maurice Kamto invited my big brother to secret places for unhealthy practices and to push him into a campaign of sabotage against the Yaoundé regime. Watch again the videos of my big brother you will understand that he is no longer different from a madman.

We went to Yabassi, many things were revealed to us including all the MRC activists who gesticulate on social networks. I just want to say to the Cameroonians, we know the political parties and we also see the sects created to manipulate the Cameroonians. It's serious I know many will not believe me but, it's disappointing to sell the spirit of a great musician like my brother to achieve his goals. Why seek to go through Satan, through the Blood? Watch how Lawyers forget their homework in the bars to follow these gurus.

Young people who insult anyone without care. They do not do it on purpose, it's the devil. My brother is in the middle of deliverance if he pleases God, your liberator will come back to you with pretty songs as he knows how to do it. Beware of the MRC! Line up behind Cabral Libii for a peaceful change. Avoid the opponents of darkness.

Source: 237actu.com