Friday, April 19, 2019

Latest: Lot's of Cameroonians react, upset and shocked as Vera Songwe crossed her legs while meeting with Paul Biya

The UN Executive secretary Economic Commission for Africa, Vera Songwe was in Cameroon during the week.

The big guest was photo crossing legs while meeting with the president of Republic, Paul Biya.

While Some quickly condemned her for that, others praised her, suggesting that Paul Biya should be on his knees before her.

"She has contributed more to humanity than the old man. In fact the old man should be on his knees before her! She should eat the gizzard and the old man should eat the legs when they are at table" 

"Some of the dumbest homo sapiens that ever walked this earth are Cameroon's francophones. They just can't help it. The system was built to lobotomise them-and (unsurprisingly) it's worked"

"To laugh or to cry? It’s both sad and funny that her posture should be a point a discussion. Do the upset people even know why she was there? If this was a meeting a white woman, I am sure it would not be a topic of discussion by those who are upset". 

" Take nothing away from her at that level.
She deserves every level of recognition. We want sons and daughters of this nation to get such claim.

But, we are in Africa and in Cameroon. Even the English, there are certain traditions that are sacred"

"Elle représente une institution donc elle a ce droit. Si elle n’était pas femme ou du CMR auriez-vous dit la même chose sur sa posture?"

"Elle a déjà oublié d'où elle vient. Rien ne peux expliquer ou justifier qu'elle croise les pieds devant le Biya. Quelle que soit ce que l'ont est devenu, nous devons toujours garder à l'esprit des principes de notre société traditionnelle"

"Elle vient de l'ONU. Voila d'où elle vient. Quel privilège pour le Cameroun qu'elle rende visite à notre Président. Si c'était Michelle Obama quelqu'un allait parler? Tchuiiip" : Rebecca Enonchong 

"It's a confidence posture ...she meant no disrespect".