Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Latest: the biggest 'mistake' made by Paul Biya in 36 years

Robert Mouthé Ambassa, says that Maurice Kamto has set a trap for Cameroonian leaders, and they all fell.

The incumbent member of the CPDM party's ruling party, Robert Mouthé Ambassa, did not go out of his way to explain that the leader of the MRC, Maurice Kamto, has himself "negotiated" his imprisonment.

According to him, Kamto has set a trap for the Cameroonian leaders, and they all fell.His goal from the beginning, he says, was to get arrested.

The politician explains that Maurice Kamto seeks absolutely to become a "martyr", but warns that "if it becomes so, it would be very difficult to manage by the government,".

Moreover, in his argument, Robert Mouthe Ambassa suggests that Maurice Kamto, once in a position of martyrdom, will easily reach the highest office. "He did not stop today by surprise, he wanted to be arrested," he insists.

The opponent Maurice Kamto, and his allies had indeed been arrested for initiating the so-called white marches on January 26, 2019. They will be in court again this morning for the proceedings in Habeas Corpus, aiming simply at their release.

A denouement that for the moment is slow to happen. The Court of Appeal of the Center in Yaoundé, rejected Habeas Corpus several times. Meanwhile, other events are announced by the same party on April 13, 2019 on the expanse of the national territory.

Source: 237actu.com