Monday, April 1, 2019

Kondengui: Albert Dzongang mocks former jailed ministers

The politician embassed alongside Maurice Kamto for being among the organizers of the "white marches" of January 26, 2019 sends a spade to the former barons of the regime, fallen out of favor.

The daily Le Jour reports that Albert Dzongang went to the Kondengui prison infirmary, where he launched an incredible spike to Paul Biya's former collaborators, now prisoners of Operation Sparrowhawk: "Hello! We find each other... You are only little goat thieves. At least, with my comrades, we are here because we have ogled Mr. Biya's chair ".

He continues "I consider that our president (Maurice Kamto Ed)), at present, is in initiation to La'akam. This prison is part of his initiatory journey. He had to go through here, to touch with his body, to live in his flesh the question of Cameroonian justice.Thus, he will be able to deal with injustices first and foremost, when he will take matters into his own hands. Is there anything better than a former political detainee to bring justice to a country? He wondered.