Thursday, April 18, 2019

Kidnapping: Paul Ayah's serious accusations towards Cameroonian soldiers

On Saturday, March 30, 2019 in the North-West, the international lawyer and coordinator of the NOW movement, Mr. Akere Muna is attacked by heavily armed men, while returning from the funeral of his older brother, Prof Wally Muna. He is in the company of several other people, when the attackers tear off three of their vehicles. That day, Akeree Muna was almost kidnapped. This chance to escape the kidnapping, will not smile to the 20 students of Buea University kidnapped on March 20, 2019, and released the next day, after payment of ransom, according to sources.

It is in fact a phenomenon that has become almost daily in the regions hosting Buea and Bamenda. Authorities, military, police, journalists, religious, traditional leaders, no one is safe. And an accusing finger is pointing to the separatist fighters, who have in the past, "recognized some kidnappings, not associated with requests for payments," according to Ayah Paul Abine, a retired magistrate.

For the former leader of the Popular Action Party, the recent kidnappings, are made by well-known personalities: "There are indeed kidnappings by forces of defenses;and the victims have found freedom only in exchange for payments of money. I say it knowingly, and without any dress, because two of my orphans were victims.Thus according to Ayah Paul Abine installed in Buea, promoter of a foundation and an NGO, there are "false amba boys".

Moreover, on April 2, the information website reported that "Ambazonians deny any role" in the attempt to kidnap lawyer Akere Muna. This states that "The South Cameroon Liberation Council (SCLC) condemns in the strongest possible terms the kidnapping of an indeterminate number of civilians in the Republic of Ambazonia, formerly known as the North-West and South-West regions. west of Cameroon ". Authorities As if to say in plain language, that another group would be operating on behalf of the secessionists.

Sharing this opinion, the geostrategist Jean Vincent Ntuda Ebode explains the phenomenon of the liberation of the hostages in the English-speaking regions, by the fact that either "the secessionists are drained financially because of the rise in power of the Nigerian and Cameroonian forces in the control of the movement of goods and people, along the border between the two countries, or they punish the people who support their cause less and less ". To put an end to this problem, the geostrategy proposes the reinforcement of the provisional intelligence, the return of the chiefs in their territory, for "a dense collaboration of the populations with the traditional authorities, administrative and religious".