Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Kidnapped Emmanuel Ngafeson: the family challenges the government

There is still no news of Emmanuel Ngafeson, former Secretary of State in charge of the Prison Service, kidnapped in the night of March 19 in Bamenda, by still unidentified individuals.

According to sources, former government official Emmanuel Ngafeson was abducted in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, March 20, at his residence in Ntabesi, a suburb of Bamenda, Northwest Region. He had been, according to the same sources, transported by his captors in his own car to a destination that remains unknown until today.

On the government side, it's a radio silence. No official communication has been made, this for more than 10 days after the kidnapping of the former senior regime clerk. The identity of the kidnappers remains unclear, and kidnapping is still not claimed.

The family of Emmanuel Ngafeson denounces the surprising silence of the government and his party CPDM, where he is also a member of the central committee ..

In an interview with the English-language daily "The Guardian Post" edition of Friday, March 29, the family regretted that his party comrades did not echo his situation during the celebrations of the 34th anniversary of the party of flames in Bamenda.