Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kamto's arrest: the truth that officials are afraid to reveal

All Cameroonians wonder who gave the order to stop Maurice Kamto. Normally, under circumstances of such gravity, the President of the Republic should speak quickly to clarify the situation and announce measures of appeasement. It is rather a deafening silence in the ranks which not only reflects the devastating consequences of this act but also raises the question of who really governs Cameroon.

Who gave the order to arrest Maurice Kamto?

This is the question that all officials dodge with a violence bordering on hysteria. It must be said immediately that the question has a double-layered answer.

The first floor of the response is the reminder of France's responsibility at the highest level in this arrest. It has even been argued, to reinforce the neocolonial theory, that it is Paris that would have ordered the arrest of Maurice Kamto to relieve himself of a legal procedure which pits him against Equatorial Guinea. True or false, it is known that the Yaoundé regime makes no decision without the agreement of Paris.

The second floor of the answer is the one that interests us here, and who should tell us who gave the arrest order to Cameroon.

The person or group of people who gave the order to arrest the President-elect, Professor Maurice Kamto, must probably feel, at this moment, the powerful vibration of the setback on the horizon that may shoot him down at any moment. Such a setback that even his imagination, as overflowing as it is, can not quantify. It is this eventuality that literally nailed the members of the seraglio and all the journalists and political communicators of Cameroon. For the first time in the CPDM, no one boasts of the paternity of an act to please the invisible monarch. A vigilance committee has been set up to develop elements of language at all levels of the communication chain to keep the song going. Every day, we scrutinize the information and sweep the televised debates, on the lookout for any statement, an indication that could allow us to know who gave the order to arrest Maurice Kamto. Still no answer.

It is usually impossible to interview the Cameroonian President. It is also simply forbidden for Cameroonian journalists to interview Cameroon's ministers except when there is an understanding on the issues. This ban has been extended to all authorities who can inform Cameroonians about the person responsible for this leniency. Normally, in circumstances of such gravity, in all the countries of the world, the President of the Republic quickly takes the floor, clarifies the situation and reassures the population on the situation and the procedures in progress with measures of appeasement of the situation. Well in this case, President Paul Biya refused to take on this act. It's silence in the ranks. In the absence of the brain of this flattery, logic requires that we move towards the secular arm of the operation that is in this case, we are told, the Commissioner ESSOGO Raymond, regional delegate to the National Security.The latter will not only remain silent but will open a door to speculators who will sometimes point Ferdinand NGOH NGOH, sometimes the Minister of the Interior Mr Atanga. But neither of them will confirm the paternity of this big mistake. Finally, between the supposed brain of the operation and the performer, all the other intermediaries get carried away in all the forms of sheets so as not to decide on who is the author of the arrest of Maurice Kamto. Thus, without telling us the one who ordered his arrest, the officials broke up all sorts of statements:

- people are accused of having "made unfounded claims", René Sadi.

- They will have a fair trial, Cabral Libii.

- It will end up in the country of if I knew, Atanga Nji.

- He only has what he sought, the death penalty will be well deserved, Tatinda & Banda Kani.

- He even deserves the death penalty since it was he who drafted these laws, Elimbi Lobe.

- He is the leader of the opposition, Fame Ndongo.

- We must free Maurice Kamto because all ministers are fags, Messanga Nyamding.

- Etc ...

As you can see, they all promise to hang President-elect Maurice Kamto, but none of them have yet been able to tell who the unfortunate hero who ordered the arrest of Maurice Kamto is.

In conclusion, this difficulty in putting a name on the person responsible for the arrest of Maurice Kamto not only reflects the excitement of power but also raises the question that plagues the Cameroonians about who really heads Cameroon today.

Who therefore receives the orders from Paris? A question that would arise, unsurprisingly, the proclaimed president who would try to understand how the French lawyers, Dupont-Moretti and his associate Me Antoine Vey, arrived in Cameroon. It is clear that the author of this arrest, taking care not to claim his lump, measures very well the devastating consequences of this incongruous act."Wait and see! ".

Source: cameroonvoice.com