Saturday, April 6, 2019

Kamtogate: Me Dupont Moretti, files a complaint to the United Nations against the Biya regime

They claim that Maurice Kamto, Dzongang, Penda Ekoka, Kingue and Valsero were arrested in a completely illegal manner, under various pretexts that in effect mask a desire for political repression.

The lawyers recall that the defendants "are in pre-trial detention as part of an investigation opened at the Yaounde Military Court, in violation of the prohibition on a military court of trying civilians that is required under Cameroonian law.

In view of the inefficiency of any domestic recourse and the opposition of the Cameroonian authorities to any form of dialogue ", the prisoners ask the UN, through the voice of their councils," to note the serious violations of their rights the more basic and demand their immediate release.

Mr. Kamto reiterates in my voice that he is quite ready to discuss with President Biya, declared Mr. Moretti in Yaoundé. Aquitator had already announced that it was not there for the Cameroonian procedure but would take charge of the international file. Presumably this first act shows that KAMTO's international supporters are already throwing away their first cards.

But in Yaoundé the judges for over a month can not decide on a petition in Habeas corpus. It should also be recalled that the MRC announced marches across the national territory on April 13, 2019.