Thursday, April 4, 2019

Kamto hearing: this is what happened at the Court of Appeal

The leaders of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon were yesterday at the Court of Appeal for a habeas corpus hearing.

Despite the presence of numerous police and heavily armed gendarmes, the esplanade of the Court of Appeal of the Center is black of people this 2 April 2019. The militants of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc), other sympathizers who directs since 2012 Maurice Kamto, have come to attend the hearing scheduled today. Men and women sing songs and slogans, a sign of support for the Mrc president and his co-accused Alain Fogue, Albert Dzongang, Penda Ekoka, Valsero, Paul Eric Kingue and CĂ©lestin Djamen.

These leaders held at Kondengui's main prison since last February came to attend a habeas corpus hearing. Their lawyers appealed after the decision of the Mfoundi High Court on 7 March, rejecting the habeas corpus petition filed by the group of defense lawyers. These leaders of the MRC were indicted by the military court for acts of hostility against the fatherland, rebellion, assembly, disturbance of public order, incitement to insurrection.

Yesterday at around 10:00 am Maurice Kamto was summoned to the office of a judge of the Court of Appeal. A few seconds later, he came out. Approached to know the reasons for this precipitous exit of the MRC leader, one of his lawyers said: "Maurice Kamto refuses to be judged by secrecy because the justice goes in public. A habeas corpus hearing is also public, it is not normal for an accused person to be summoned to a judge's office and to be auditioned without the public knowing what is being criticized. "

According to the lawyer, each of the MRC leaders accused in the peaceful marches organized on January 26 was called in turn in the judge's office. Moreover, the lawyer says that every leader has arrived in court. The info clear and sharp. The reaction of Maurice Kamto was greeted by his advice.Mr. Emmanuel Simh says: "The lawyers left the audience not to attend spectators at this masquerade that was taking place.

The prosecutor spoke alone before his judge. The case will be under consideration on April 9th. The judge and the Attorney General say they reject the defense's request for habeas corpus and uphold the decision of the Mfoundi District Court. I can tell you that the other leaders will proceed in the same way. Our clients have been arrested in public and must be tried in public. "On March 26, the accused and their counsel said they did not want to be tried in camera.