Monday, April 1, 2019

Kamto case: Paul Bíya angry with the Cameroonian ambassàdor in Paris

This is a serious blow in the anthill of opportunism and lies of the Cameroonian authorities who gave the impression that the stay in Yaounde of the French lawyer Dupont-Moretti and his associate Me Antoine Vey, participated provisions the regime not to hinder the defense of Professor Maurice Kamto and hundreds of imprisoned comrades. It was clearly nothing, and the regime would simply have been faced with the fait accompli of the arrival on the Cameroonian soil of 2 undesirable lawyers.

This is evidenced by the atmosphere of fear in the Cameroonian consular corps in France, whose officials are accused of not being "vigilant" about the personality of visa applicants.

Some of these personnel have indulged, disappointed to "confidants", who were not really, as indicated in the post below the activist Kand Owalski

Yaoundé summoned the Cameroonian consular authorities in France. to explain how Eric Dupont-Moretti arrived in Cameroon on March 15th.

Maurice KAMTO's French lawyer had filed a valid visa application at the Cameroonian Embassy in Paris.

His identity had not alerted the staff, who granted him the precious sesame, while the decision to welcome him had not yet been taken in Yaounde.

Some observers see the appointment on Friday, March 29, 2019 of the new Ambassador Alfred NGUINI a response from the Head of State to this dysfunction.

Indeed, the Embassy of Cameroon in France had no ambassador since the promotion in March 2018 of the outgoing Samuel MVONDO AYOLO as Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic.