Saturday, April 20, 2019

Kamto case and elections: the secret mission entrusted to Atanga Nji

Well-informed observers of political praxis in "Biyameroun" have said so. The many "Thomas" of Cameroon did not believe it. Or rather, to mythomania doubled paranoia. But now that by a clumsiness as only agents of the regime have the expertise, the pot to the roses is revealed of itself. Elections Cameroon (body of tinkering) masses of political midnight called in Cameroon "elections", invited Monday, about forty parties that count more or less on the political chessboard. With the exception of the one whose leader was ranked 2nd at the end of the last presidential election of October 7, 2018, failing to have won this vote which, although rigged, brought him the vote of 39.74% Cameroonian voters: the MRC of Maurice Kamto.

In light of this incongruity, we understand all too well the reasons for the arbitrary and illegal arrest of the leaders and hundreds of militants of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, the systematic prohibition of any gathering stamped MRC, even the registration new militants, and the threats of suspension or dissolution that weighs on this political party a certain Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration, having right to life and death on political parties: we must put the MRC to the gap of the next regional elections that the regime intends to organize before the municipal and legislative elections, and then away from the latter two, to allow the party-state CPDM to complete its electoral rally without being thwarted by a disrupting party. neck that did not learn to do with the elective OTC.

We understood everything! In the meantime, it will be necessary that Atanga Nji who is the operational commander of this conspiracy already crosses the bar of the justice which, if it agrees for once to say the right, will have to mean to him Tuesday April 16, that for whatever reason that this or, no one has the right to decide when a political party may or may not mobilize its supporters, and furthermore, the minister has no legal jurisdiction to prohibit a political party demonstration.And the hardest part remains to be done, because Kamto, the MRC and their allies, have with them a tree of lawyers inflated to block.