Saturday, April 6, 2019

Hateful assassination: terrible revelations about the murder of Jean Pierre Saah

The one who produced many musicians from here and elsewhere was strangled at his home in Bonabéri last Sunday.

At the announcement of the death of Jean Pierre Saah (Jps) Monday, April 1, many people believe in an April fool. That no !Returned to his home at a place called "Texaco Fokou" in Bonaberi, the crowd in tears found at the entrance of his house testifies to the veracity of the facts. Jean-Pierre Saah is gone. The tragedy occurred Sunday, March 31 last, around 22 hours, while the music producer had just returned home, we learn from family sources. To believe his mother-in-law, present at the crime, it is a few minutes after he entered his home, a gang of criminals burst. "They first knocked him out with a club.

Then they tied his feet and hands with laces, before strangling him, "says in tears Odette Nantchouang, the mother-in-law of Jps. "We found him dead choked and lying on his stomach, hands and feet tied using shoe laces. He was lying at the entrance to one of his living rooms, whose door is located behind his house, "adds a police officer. It is with a cloth loincloth torn on a garment of his wife that the attackers reach their end learning. Alerted, the police of the 19th, the 5th, the Special Rapid Response Teams (Esir), the Judicial Police (PJ) and the prosecutor went down to the scene of the tragedy. Jps's lifeless body (as it was commonly called) was dropped off at the Bonanjo military garrison morgue. According to police sources, this is a premeditated crime.

"Apparently, the seven thugs just killed him because they did not steal much," the source said. They took away cell phones, clothes and jewelry. Objects they collected from the mother-in-law and her grandson held and sequestered upstairs. Before dying, the sexagenarian would have fought against his attackers. "The traces of blood visible at the entrance of the living room show that a fight broke out before death follows," reveals a police source. For now, the first suspect is the guardian who can not be found. Still, this is not the first time that bandits manage to break into Jps.

Shock wave

"There have often been cases of armed robberies and robberies here. But thieves often claim money and leave, "says Marcel Jamein brother-in-law of the deceased.Another offense that cost the life of this father who leaves a widow (currently abroad for family reasons) and five children. For his artistic family, it's a real shock. Many do not come back yet. The dramatic circumstances of his death add a layer. Joined on the phone, Ledoux Marcellin, loses his Latin.

"I miss words to express myself on this hard blow. A blow not only for the artistic community, but also for Sonacam, "laments Ledoux Marcellin, member of the Board of Directors of Sonacam, as well as Jps. "We're still in shock," adds the musician. Same story on Henri Njoh's side."It's a shock. I do not even have words. It's really a big loss. " According to the latter he produced two albums "Tip Top" and "Kamer all stars" is a great loss. "He represented a lot for Cameroonian music, culture in general. He was a great man. He has worked a lot for Cameroonian and African music, "admits the musician.

The author of "Onguélé" continues, "except that it is someone who was generous, who framed us as best he could and we kept very good relations even as we did not continue to work together". Horrified at the announcement of this sad news and probably circumstances too, Lady Ponce lets explode his grief on his facebook page. In her tribute to the deceased, she describes "a man with a big heart, a heart made of gold". For the singer, Jps was a "discreet man, despite all the good deeds performed by artists in Africa and elsewhere, you always wanted to remain anonymous, absolute discretion.

Because for you, the production was not a way to give you visibility in the eyes of the world, but a way to give back to the music in particular and to the African and world culture the love that you had in general " .Three of his albums were produced by the Label Jps Production. Namely: "Confession", "Atomic bomb", "The law of Talion". A label that also produces big names in music from here and elsewhere.


Indeed, Jean Pierre Saah strongly marked the Cameroonian and African culture in the period between the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s. With his house JPS Production, he produced several of the great Cameroonian and African artists of the time and time. Congolese Werrason, Nyoka Longo (Zaïko Langa Langa), Félix Wazekwa, Madilu System (ex-Jazz Jazz by Franco Luambo Makiadi), Koffi Olomidé, Ivorian group Espoir 2000, Petit-Pays, Lady Ponce ...

Artists who, beyond producing the works, ensured their success. But for a decade, the name of the producer has disappeared from the hits. His name appeared more in the columns of news items. The producer aroused rumors as crazy as each other.The mania of Cameroonian production to whom some attributed connections with networks of scams has more than once been announced at stops in foreign countries. On several occasions, the rumor has locked him up and dismembered him.

Many still remember this unusual rumor that had rocked more than one. It stated that the eyes of the businessman had been punctured by court order in the Middle East for "Feymania" (scam, Editor's note), according to the law of "Sharia" applied in the Islamic States from the Middle-East.

A news that will prove to be false, and which your newspaper will also provide evidence to the contrary at that time. It's October 2015. In February of last year, another rumor about the famous producer set the canvas on fire. This time, it was Internet users who circulated a video pretending that the cultural promoter was arrested in the Philippines for "Feymania" once again, and that the information was relayed on one of the channels of Another rumor that will prove to be false.

Rumors and false information that will surround the mysterious life of this baobab from musical production until his death, a few days after his arrival in Cameroon. Originally from the Nde department in the Western Region, the producer was born in 1954.

Source: Mutations No 4827