Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Gunfire exchanges, killings and kidnappings in Kumba, "A black Thursday" marked in Kumba

"A black Thursday". This is not the title of a movie or a book. It is rather so that the "kumba boys and women" qualified the day of April 11, 2019. So she was tumultuous. Exchange of shots by ci, killings and kidnappings by there, the city of Kumba seems to be far from out of the troubles.

This day, which gave the impression of having started well, opened with an ambush of heavily armed people who kidnapped two teachers from the primary school and kindergarten "Destiny" and Bonakama. Clashes between the elements of the defense fighters and the attackers will follow.

"These cracklings of rifles continue all day until a certain time of the night", reveals a young person of the city. This with breaks, which from time to time have made people who stay in Fiango, Sonang Fang, Kosala and the station quarter believe that the altercations are over. But each time and throughout the day, they were forced to hide in their homes.

The body of a young man, probably dead after being shot, was found by his family members in the same town. The deceased named Bekondo Orlando aka Becks would have been banned from leaving the house on the morning of the famous Thursday, April 11, 2019, according to his mother.

Orlando held the GCE Advance level, the equivalent of a bachelor's degree for Francophones. He would have suffered from a minor mental problem.