Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Ghost town in Buea: Mayor Patrick Ekema closes about thirty shops

Buea Mayor Patrick Ekema Esunge closed at least 30 stores and shops yesterday in his municipality.

The mayor had warned Thursday that the structures respecting the word "order" would be closed for thirty days starting April 5th.

Corresponding to the action, the mayor has traveled the streets of Buea; from Molyko to Buea Town to ensure that the shops were open and the stores that remained closed were sealed.

The sealed structures include mobile telecommunications agencies, banks, microfinance institutions and other businesses.

Several people said they did not feel safe opening their stores with separatist threats and frequent clashes with security forces.

During several meetings with the mayor, they expressed the wish to open their business premises if their lives and their businesses were reassured.

Source: 237actu.com