Thursday, April 4, 2019

From Kondengui, Alain Fogué sends a surprising message to Paul Biya

It is a resolutely rebellious Alain Fogué who expresses himself in the columns of the daily Le Jour published this 2 April 2019. The newspaper Haman Mana, in his series dedicated to political leaders arrested in late January, gives the floor on Tuesday to the Treasurer National Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC).

"It's my body that's locked up here. My mind stayed out and worked on how to win the fight. If you can meet Mr. Paul Biya, tell him we thank him because, the extraordinary moments lived here do us a lot of good, "says the teacher of international relations and strategy.

Reading the story of our colleague, we see that Professor Alain Fogué has lost none of its warmth. "In the midst of prisoners and guards recently, the teacher became the '' commander'', a rank most naturally acquired in the world. He sends a military salute to everyone. This earned him the sympathy of jailers always amused when the teacher is on guard ", we read.

The teacher at the University of Yaoundé II, however, does not intend to give up his rights. "It is before the Cameroonian people that I will be judged. I have no intention of being tried in camera in the office of a magistrate. If the next hearing is not public, it will not even take the trouble to question me, "warns the one who is one of the founding fathers of the MRC in 2012.

If he claims not to have participated in the famous marches January 26, the main mobilizes their interpellation, the lecturer does not refrain from recalling the position of his party: contest the victory of Paul Biya in the last presidential election.