Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Ferdinand Ngoh appeals to the mafia to handle the affairs of the state

The European Union's resolution against the Yaoundé regime is simply the consequence of four years of insane governance in which power has fallen into the hands of hired assassins who are imprisoning with impunity. From the Anglophone crisis to the post-election crisis, the same men are in office and a particular man is still at work: Ferdinand NGOH NGOH, the current Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic.

Ferdinand NGOH NGOH knows that he is currently playing his all. His departure being required henceforth also by the western chancelleries. That is why he did not fail to contact his friend Jean Luc Schaffhauser of the National Front to do everything to prevent the EU resolution on Cameroon but lost.

Indeed, Ferdinand NGOH NGOH and Jean Luc Schaffhauser know each other well. When Jean Luc Schaffhauser was Director of the Institute for Cooperation and Development, (IRCORD), the Alsatian organization that funded many projects in Cameroon, NGOH NGOH was Head of Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is in this context that they will meet and build friendships.

When Jean Luc Schaffhauser is chased out of the IRCORD for embezzlement and leaves the UDF to join the National Front, Ferdinand NGOH NGOH will act as interim advisor in Cameroon for a year.

In fact, before his departure Jean Luc Schaffhauser will go to Douala the European Institute for Cooperation and Development which functioned as a microfinance. He will also introduce NGOH NGOH in the Cameroon representation of IRCORD.

After the audit of the region of Alsace in Cameroon following financial malpractice, Schaffhauser is fired. His representative, a French is also transferred and it is Ferdinand NGOH NGOH who is a member of the IRCORD Yaounde the organization manages IECD in Douala, who becomes the boss of IRCORD Cameroon for one year.

At the time Jean Luc Schaffhauser had approached Kadji Defosso to put money in the IECD. But his networks let him know that Schaffhauser is not serious. The billionaire has given it up.

Most of IECD's money came from hijacked funds in France. But this financial institution will go bankrupt because 80% of its creditors fictitious and for a year It is Ferdinand NGOH Ngoh who piloted the organization created by Schaffhauser.

Not surprising then that NGOH NGOH appealed to his mafia friend to help Cameroon in the European Parliament.Unfortunately for them the resolution was passed to the big Dam of Ferdinand NGOH NGOH who nevertheless released thousands of euros for the operation.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt