Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Etoudi: this is the person who spreads tribal hatred within the seraglio

Many know Mama Fouda, the former minister of health. The one who with the riots of the end had declared that "the rioters go home." One way to stigmatize our Bamileke brothers while all ethnic groups suffer from the expensive life in Cameroon. He believed himself eternal to the government. He has fallen and because he is afraid of Operation Sparrowhawk, he is getting very small.

Philippe Mbarga Mboa, today calls for peace and to live together. For him "everyone is at home in Cameroon" and if he is sincere it's all to his credit. But evil always has followers. It's true it's in Sardinia but you have to denounce anywhere for fear of contact.

Thus, in the framework of the battles for the legislative and municipal, Djomgoue deputy CPDM for ages and dedicated to the pillory. We do not want to chase him because he's from the CPDM, but according to Paul Biya's ministers, because he's Bamileke and that's unacceptable. Although he owes Sardinard, let him be chased away from his achievements and not his ethnicity.

At the heart of this cabal, a man Etoundi Ngo Laurent Serge. That he is the captain of the team led by Ngah Koumda, a former MP throws up in the Lekie for financial malpractices and political betrayal.

The tribal meetings are made by Etoundi NGoa, supposedly on behalf of the Mvog-Beti. His words are clear: "let the bami leave his story heartily, let him retire to the west."

During this meeting one of the participants launched: "He killed the school of our sister Sylvie (Okeng, editor's note)", by making recruit students in public schools.In Etoundi Ngoa to answer "He will see what he will see".

Etoundi Ngoa does not hide to say these things. During the presidential election, he had given firm instructions: "Bamileke of KAMTO does not win here". For him it's a reward ticket. He tells anyone who wants to hear him that he is the future delegate of the government to the urban community of Yaounde. For a minister of the Republic, to make war on a Bamileke is Sardinard and member of the CPDM is the royal way to be appointed by Paul Biya.

So that's what Biya has reduced his own followers.

Well it's personal that the thugs say that I defend Djomgoe because he is Bamileke. I do not care. Because when I defend my Bulu brothers unnecessarily attacked here and the Bamileke extremists insult me ​​you are not there. So I do not care what you think.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt