Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Etoudi: here's the EU plan to drive Paul Biya out of power

Never, never will the BIYA regime have received such a stinging diplomatic defeat in its fight against Maurice KAMTO as that of Thursday, April 18, 2019 before the European Parliament; Even so, the government avoids talking about this puzzling news.

History will remember that Maurice KAMTO is the man who brought down the BIYA diet. Through the degrading treatment that he believes to inflict on him the power of Yaounde, he becomes the weapon that destroys this regime. As Professor Franklin NYAMSI brilliantly explains: Paul BIYA becomes the prisoner of Maurice KAMTO. It is the dialectic of the master and the slave during which the one who believed himself master becomes in reality the slave.

Never for 37 years has an international organization like the European Parliament made such humiliating resolutions against the power of Paul BIYA. He knows it and measures the extreme gravity.

Cameroonians should remember this issue of 2019 / 2691RSP of 18 April 2018 RSP which is the resolution of the European Parliament which saw the BIYA regime. It is the end !

Indeed, gathered in assembly, the European parliamentarians all political confused, coming from all the countries of the European Union condemned in a clear and precise way the governance of Paul BIYA which certain deputies did not fail to describe as older dictatorship of Africa. The qualifiers on both bad governance and the person BIYA expressed a kind of exasperation deputies. For example: "An old man of 87 who has passed 37 years in power is inadmissible."

Cameroonians must understand that the European Parliament is the political organ of the European Union, which includes most of the world's leaders. European countries including France and Germany This is the structure that gives the common political position of the members of the European Union on issues of international politics The European Parliament has the right to speak about the internal affairs of the States having signed with the European Union an agreement called: ACP-European Union Cotonou Agreement This is the case of Cameroon, which is sovereignly bound to this agreement, so there can be no question of any interference, as some analysts wrongly say. When the Parliament takes a stand on a subject after a vote, all the members of which France is in solidarity are not the points of view of some European MEPs with morality douteus e and prebend of the racist party of Marine LEPEN and some thuriféraires of the regime of Yaoundé try to pass the looping videos on social networks to manipulate those of our compatriots who do not have a large culture, which will make forget that Maurice KAMTO just hit a blow that hurts Paul BIYA.

It is an open secret that the LEPEN family has always frequented African dictatorships, especially in Equatorial Guinea. We still remember the visit of the wife of Jean-Marie LEPEN in Cameroon and during which she was received by the presidential couple. One of the members of Parliament seen on one of the outstanding videos is Jean-Luc Schaffhauser. He is a regular at the Hilton Hotel and Mont Fébé in Yaoundé. One could well ask the question how much he will have received to do the dirty work when we know that he is being prosecuted in France for perception of retro-commissions in an international market.

His colleague of the same party that he named Dominique BILDE, whose video also circulates, is an established fraud. She has been accused of corruption by the European Commission. She repaid the money she had stolen by false jobs. In short, the BIYA regime that must be distinguished from Cameroon, could only be defended by ripoux, ready to sell their services.

Despite the senseless positions taken by her two political hulks of Marine LEPEN's party, the resolution was passed by an overwhelming majority of MEPs. Political Europe has spoken out against the BIYA regime and its methods.

The European Parliament asks 4 essential things for Paul BIYA. When we know that in its methods of operation, in case of override, the European Parliament will apply as it always does targeted sanctions against some regime chiefs, embargoes, and especially more serious push to the referral to the security council of the United Nations for the Anglophone question as it envisages it in the resolution on the Anglophone question. This last action suggests the possibility of a referendum self-determination that will be imposed in Cameroon because of political laxity and Paul BIYA, who will become the man who divided Cameroon.

The main requirements of the European Parliament before the sanctions are therefore the following:

1- The unconditional release of Maurice KAMTO and other prisoners members of his party

2- The freedom of peaceful marches

3- The consensual revision with all the parties of the electoral code before the holding of any future elections. By this we mean regional, municipal and legislative.

4- The immediate opening of an inclusive dialogue for the settlement of the Anglophone question.

Cameroonians must know that it is the European Parliament that has pushed Kabila to no longer stand for presidential elections in the DRC. This structure is the antechamber of the United States and France for their actions in the UN Security Council. It is through its positions that these two countries members of the Security Council often operate binding resolutions. Above all, we must not rely on China or the Russians to block them because these countries have more interest in safeguarding their relations with Europe than with Cameroon. They will never sacrifice their fabulous business with these countries, for an economic dwarf like Cameroon. They often have to block the resolutions that are initiated and thought by the States and not by the entire European Union, for fear of jeopardizing their commercial interests in the European area.

If Paul BIYA is strong that he defies Europe, we see.