Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Estate of Biya: a Bertoua 2e municipal councilor exposed him, reveals everything


The councilor of Bertoua commune 2e, Georges Mindja Zam think that the caciques of the party covet the armchair Etoudi, reason for which subterfuges are noted here and there.

Below is his entire statement:

"While the President of the Republic has just started his 7th term as head of the country, the battle for his succession seems to be preparing behind the scenes. The caciques, like those who aspire to become one, dream of a presidential destiny which could be accessible to them at the end of this supposed last mandate of the president of the Republic of Cameroon. To this end, we already see subterfuges, like the problem of communication leaks, undermining the tranquility of Cameroonians.

But true to his habit, the President of the Republic seems to be impassive, while is played perhaps, according to social networks and the press, a ruthless clan war. In recent days, this scandal has set the whole Republic in motion with the problem of the leak of the fax message, which is actually the buzz. These leaks at the level of the administration to the presidency of the Republic, lead some lighthouse questions on the confidentiality of the documents and the security of the head of the State.

Particularly with respect to the confidentiality of documents, which remains the overriding problem, the status of the public service is invoked to address this situation.

In fact, every official is bound by the obligation of reserve and professional discretion in the exercise of his functions. How to understand that the official, moreover in service to the Presidency of the Republic, who must exercise professional discretion with regard to facts, information or documents of which he became aware in the exercise or on the occasion of the exercise of its functions, may be outside the regulations in force?Admittedly, it might be possible that an express decision of the superior authority had to release him from this obligation.

Not knowing if this restriction was given, this diversion or subtraction of this fax message, as it happened to the presidency of the republic, we remind it, is formally forbidden. Reproduction that has been made, unless it has been performed for service reasons, should lead after investigation, sanctions to the extent of the fault committed.

By summoning the texts that seemed to be flouted, we understand that there is a gradual grip of clan warfare at the Palace of Unity. Perhaps, we find traitors carpet in the shadows, who want to create schism or zizanie at the top of the state. It is becoming increasingly clear that some divisions are running in some specialized services. Thus, at the mercy of the entrances and exits of several senior officials on duty at the Presidential Palace, disgrace and ascents to the summit, each of these had to place men on all floors of the Etoudi palace. In the end, this leads to some competition between the various supposed clans.

This war is intensifying, because each protagonist is reluctant to give up some of his privileges. In this case, one or another member of such a clan should be anathematized to be considered a traitor and driven out of the Presidential Palace.

This method serves to demonstrate that the new Masters of the presidential palace are fragile, not mastering the information circuits, thus exposing the President of the Republic by making it accessible to all kinds of difficulties. In short, it is the struggle of the squares that rages, because those who have won the confidence of the Head of State will become emperors of the Presidential Palace. As for those who will be found as traitors, they will be ousted and this will open the way for others who can dream of the highest destinies.

We can simply say that, in the shadows, some people are happy that, as a result of the investigations, it may be possible to create immeasurable problems for the respondents.

In view of this scandal, we are comforting ourselves with the idea that we have, to review from top to bottom and make the investigation of morality of all the staff in service to the presidency of the Republic, to avoid attending any risk of dark affairs, which would hurt the President of the Republic.

To put an end to this kind of network of leaks, beyond the aforementioned solution, we think that it would be necessary to convoke the texts of the Republic and strike without complaint, after investigation, the culprits. If it is found that there has been an insufficiency or malpractice, the mis en cause should be dismissed or dismissed by the President of the Republic, following a disciplinary procedure before the Permanent Council of Discipline. public service. This could lead to criminal prosecution according to the legislation in force. This example will blur all attempts of state agents, any confessions, to put in public the top secret information. "

Source: agencecamerounpresse.com