Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Douala: Assassìnation of Jean-Pierre Saah: his relatives speak out

Jean Pierre Saah was a monument of Cameroonian culture. He was cowardly murdered in the night of Sunday to Monday, April 01 by unidentified gunmen.

A source close to the family, contacted by 237actu.com makes a brief account of this macabre scene. "The heinous act was not done at random. On Monday evening, around 22:30 hours, a group of five masked, gloved and armed individuals broke into Jean Pierre Saah's residence. It is unclear how they had access to these highly secure places. His wife is traveling, they took Jean Pierre out of his room and make him lie on the ground. Then they tap his mouth, put a bullet in the abdomen, before fleeing. all this on the helpless look of his mother-in-law who was at home, "says our source, adding that these thugs did not take anything away in the house of the famous producer, and the guardian who is already presented as one suspect is not found yet.

The body of Jean Pierre Saah is currently at the morgue of the military garrison of Douala, and an investigation is opened.

Recall that Jean Pierre Saah is a renon producer, he has produced the best Cameroonian, African and even West Indian artists. Rumor had it that he had been incarcerated some time ago in the Philippines, a country in Southeast Asia, saying his eyes had been blown out. Yet the famous producer was indeed at home in Douala.

Source: 237actu.com