Wednesday, April 3, 2019

CONFIDENTIAL: Spies have settled at Etoudi Palace

The weekly L'ind├ępendant in kiosque this 1 April 2019, reports that the majority of the collaborators of the Head of State is running smoothly in his back and do everything to put the sticks in the wheels. Every member of the government or most plays personal. "The scandal of the theft of the President's briefcase in his hotel room in Switzerland during a brief stay in this country, simply came to confirm the fact that his verbal or written instructions, are generally distorted or modified for profit or against clans fighting for his succession to the top of the state. "

In this cold war between the barons of the regime raging around the Presidency of the Republic, it is the serene functioning of the institutions that is strongly put to contribution. "The confidentiality of the cases, which is the strength of all power in the context of Cameroon, of the discretion that the constitution guarantees to Paul Biya, is overused by men and women who sometimes want to act or decide quickly before the one who is invested with all powers by the people. "

This excess of zeal and high treason are therefore at the origin of profusion in the media, information struck by the top secret seals of the Presidency of the Republic. This unhealthy activism of the close collaborators of the Head of State has several objectives: "either to maintain the current status quo, or to force Paul Biya to separate from some high-ranking State clerks or to appoint others who will serve the interests of the different clans fighting around him".

The paper concludes that it is understandable that with such "raptors" by his side, Paul Biya can not rush to "appoint senior officials or to form a new government team."