Friday, April 12, 2019

CONFIDENTIAL: here is the new reveals secret plan of Biya against Kamto

Faced with the indignity imposed Tuesday, April 9 by President-elect Maurice Kamto and his allies by refusing to go to court to endorse a trial of Kafkaes, the dictatorship of Yaounde multiplies midnight meetings to try to regain control.

Sources close to the Cameroonian intelligence services, meetings of crisis convened by the Secretary General of the Cameroonian presidency Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh were held until very late at night in a secret place in Yaounde, the Cameroonian capital.

Also taking part in this midnight Mass were the Cameroonian ministers Gregory Owona, Paul Atanga Nji, Jacques Fame Ndongo, Jean De Dieu Momo, Luc Sindjoun. Chiefs of intelligence and military officials. "Some army officers summoned have shone by their absence," Africa Info told a source close to the case.

"After the failure of their trap set for Professor Maurice Kamto and his allies today, Paul Biya is preparing to have them kidnapped if possible by night and have them tried by the military court in front of a fake public, mostly soldiers at his disposal. balance and condemn them, "said our source.

"But if the Cameroonian people play their part by mobilizing themselves massively over the territory, the tyrant Biya will have enormous difficulties to implement his plans Machiavellian," she added.

"In the coming weeks, in light of this ubiquitous trial, Cameroon will be put on the bench of the international community and sanctions will be pronounced", Africa Info whispered a European diplomat, fearing an implosion of the country which will not only lead to a civil war, but also and above all put in danger the big interests of the foreign powers.

"We must do everything so that the situation does not degenerate," he concluded, visibly pessimistic.