Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Cameroon: Security forces reportedly carried out a mass arrests in Mutengene

Several persons are reported to have been arrested in Mutengene, Fako division of the South West region on Monday during a random raid carried out by security forces.

The indiscriminate arrest saw those with national identification cards as well as those without picked up on a day where the city was observing the traditional Monday ghost town.

Sources say after hours of questioning, those who were properly identified were released and returned home to their families while those who did not have identification cards on them were reportedly whisked off to Buea.

“We were kept in a hall at he police post and after hours, they asked me to present my ID card and after I did, they told me to leave immediately. I don’t know what they were really looking for,” one of the young men who lives at the “Quarter Rubber” neighbourhood in Mutengene said.

Mutengene has witnessed sporadic clashes between security forces and separatist fighters stretching up to Mile 14 in Buea.