Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Cameroon: Paul Biya uncompromising on his success

Will Paul Biya leave power or die there? It is difficult to see him go to the Senghor or Ahidjo because power is his life. But also because he does not know how after a possible departure, he could still watch the Cameroonians in the eyes after the hell he has made them live for three decades. If he has the choice - and nothing proves otherwise - he will prefer to die there. Can he be deprived of this choice?

Nothing is less certain, since the opposition is muzzled, the people hypnotized, and the army corrupt and hostile to the people they should defend and protect. Is Mr Biya serene? Far from it!

First, we must believe that he is not amnesic, and that he remembers the counterparts who dreamed like him of power for life against the normal course of things, and who, alive or dead, have deteriorated finally in disillusion: Bourguiba, Mobutu, Ben Ali, Compaore (Blaise), Mugabe, Boutflika, and Bashir Ben Ali.

If Paul Biya remembers these fallen gods some of whom were his good advisers, he does not have time to ask who the next turn is. Because he seems frightened by an after Biya who will not be enchanting for his creatures (men and system), so he will have planted social bombs as an inheritance.

That is why, at a time when the patriarchs are thinking of "bringing their children to speak to them without witnesses," in order to prepare their quiet departure and to pass the witness, Mr. Biya is still surrounded by mad dogs, to prevent anyone from approaching his power. It would be a mistake, however, to think that our beloved President takes "life power" and "eternal life" for synonyms. For if we must believe the rumors worthy of social networks, he would be looking for a successor able to save the furniture of his regime, to retrocede "by mutual agreement" a power allegedly acquired by the ballot boxes on 7 last october. Either that is true, or it is what France would suggest to her "our mother who feeds us with her potatoes and her macaroni" (as we learned in primary school).

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France who had proposed to Ahidjo a reform Constitutionally, to make the prime minister his constitutional successor (which prime minister's name was Paul Biya), this time, it seems, would rather be that Mr. Biya finds a trick to hand over power to his son Frank. While waiting for things to take shape for him, Paul Biya concentrates all his energy more than the management of an opponent whom he says he has beaten in the polls, but who continues to seem to him as dangerous in prison as in freedom: Maurice Kamto.

No doubt it is his way of staying in history as the one who brought democracy to the Cameroonian people.

Journalist: Jean Baptiste Sipa